Facility & real estate Services

Facility & real estate Services.

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Real estate at Chemelot

Circle infra partners owns a large number of buildings and office spaces at Chemelot. These are rented out to companies on the site. While inspections and maintenance of the building and installations, plus the necessary sustainability measures, are done by Circle infra partners. Always within the framework of, and with knowledge of, the latest laws and regulations.

Facility services at Chemelot

In addition to the hardware, the buildings, Circle offers infra partners also services in the field of software. So that the people in the buildings can thrive. These facility services include cleaning, food & beverages (both catering and vending machines), mail, planting, handyman, etc.

All services under one roof

The Chemelot site is a challenging environment. Companies located here have one thing in mind: to focus on a most efficient operation. And so, you don’t want to worry about things like building management and facility services. Even though this should be arranged perfectly, down to the last detail.

With the Facility & Real Estate Services of Circle infra partners, the entire package is outsourced to an experienced and reliable partner in one go. Based on years of knowledge and experience, this is optimally coordinated, matching the specific needs of each customer. And there is one fixed point of contact and one invoice for everything that has to do with housing.

Because many companies at Chemelot use these services, competitive rates are offered. By continuously working with reliable partners, and looking for synergy and smart solutions, the quality remains high and the costs low.